Meet Our Team

Cody Morris- Owner/CEO of Pocket Coach Academy

Cody Morris

Founder & CEO

Having over a decade of coaching experience with multiple state championships and national awards. I started this company to help debate Coaches be successful. 

Zach Huffman

Director of Research and Brief Development

Zach is a former debater for Central Oklahoma University. He finished 2nd at CEDA his Sophomore year and won numerous state championships in High School. 

Cody Gustafson

Head of Public Forum and Policy Debate Resources

Cody is a long time debater who won numerous awards at the High School level and went on to debate in Policy for Texas Tech.  He has also served as the Assistant Debate Coach at UT-Tyler, UCLA, SDSU and Director of Debate at Texas Tech. 

Rhonda Smith

Head of Extemp Resources

Rhonda was the long time Coach for Plano West High School who won numerous National Championships in Extemp Speaking and Congress.