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A subscription for all your speech and debate coaching needs. This package is designed to make coaching easy for Speech and Debate.

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Included in this package is
1. Policy Debate Brief Subscription
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Policy Debate

Our Affirmative and Negative Debate Briefs are jam packed with top quality argumentation and answers. These files will have you ready to start the season!

Policy Debate Brief

Public Forum Debate Briefs

Top of the line evidence to ensure your success in the Debate Round.

Public Forum Debate. Debate Briefs for Debate Coaches and Competitors.

Lincoln Douglas Debate Briefs

Lincoln Douglas Debate Resources

Welcome to Pocket Coach Academy, your premier source for high-quality Lincoln Douglas Debate resources. We are dedicated to providing students and coaches with the tools they need to excel in high school debate competitions. Our collection of LD Debate Briefs is designed to help you develop strong arguments, in-depth knowledge, and effective communication skills. Whether you’re a seasoned debater or just starting out, our resources will give you the competitive edge you need.

Our Lincoln Douglas Debate Briefs are available for purchase and instant download. Here’s how our resources can benefit you

Why Choose Our LD Debate Briefs

  Comprehensive Research: Our LD Debate Briefs are the result of extensive research, ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date information and well-rounded arguments on a wide range of topics.

Argument Clarity:  We focus on clarity and structure, making it easy for debaters to understand and use our briefs effectively in their debates.

Expertise: Our team consists of experienced debaters and coaches who understand the unique challenges of LD Debate, and we tailor our resources to address these specific needs. 

How Our LD Debate Briefs Work

 1.  Topic Coverage: We provide briefs on a variety of LD Debate topics, ensuring that you can find the right resources for your current debate season.

2. Affirmative and Negative Cases:  Each brief includes well-researched arguments for both the affirmative and negative sides, giving you a balanced perspective to build your case.

3. Instructional Videos:  We provide instructional videos breaking down the basic strategy behind each argument to help debaters better understand the cases and topic. 

4.Easy-to-Use Format: Our briefs are organized for clarity, making it simple to find and incorporate the information you need into your cases. 

Why Invest in Our LD Debate Briefs:

 By choosing Pocket Coach Academy for your LD Debate resources, you’re making an investment in your success. Our briefs have been used by countless debaters and coaches with great results:- Improved debating skills- Enhanced knowledge of key issues- Competitive advantage in LD Debate tournaments- Confidence in constructing compelling arguments